Pictured (left) with my brother after completing the Andrew Jackson Marathon.

ON your mark race timing

My name is Mark Walton and I reside in Martin, TN. I have  20+ years of experience in coaching, strength and conditioning, and teaching in the areas of physical education and exercise science. During that time period, I have promoted and directed road races for fund raisers and charitable causes.


I understand the importance of having a dependable race timer to help ease the burden of directing a fund raising event. It is my belief that this responsibility can be achieved at a reasonable cost. My goal is to provide excellent service with a fee below that of comparable companies.


I invite you to click the services link to see what we provide and the costs associated. There are also fundraising ideas to help you plan for race timing, t-shirts, awards, and post-race food.


I hope your race is a success. Let me know if I can help.

Mark Walton

On Your Mark Race Timing