For most small to medium sized events, the goal is to have 100% of the entry fees to go directly to the charitable organization. With this in mind, raising money to offset the cost of race timing, t-shirts, awards, and post race food/drinks is very important.

The following ideas have proven successful in prior races that I have been involved with:

1. Ask local businesses to donate a certain fee for their logo to be displayed on the back of the shirt (9-12 businesses fit nicely on the back). EX: $50-$100 per logo.

2. Ask one business to be the official sponsor of the race with their banner being displayed at the finish line ( EX: $200-500)

3. Instead of paying an entry fee, recruit some participants to get 10 people to sponsor them so much per mile.

4. Ask local grocery stores and restaurants to donate bananas, bottled water, gatorade, pizzas, or sandwiches.

5. Have a large yard sale the week prior to the event.

6. Individual donors listed on a sign at the starting line.

7. Using Facebook and social media to ask for donations.

On Your Mark Race Timing uses an RFID chip timing system that reliably achieves 100% read rates. The custom made reusable shoe tags are inexpensive, so we do not charge you or the participant for any lost or damaged tags. We allow the runners/walkers to return the tags at their convenience and not immediately after crossing the finish line.

Our cost is usually half of other chip timing companies but the service does not lack professionally. We know that most races are small to medium sized events with the goal to raise money for a charitable organization. For races on a strict budget or those who are not able to fund raise, We offer a manual timing option. See prices below.

What We Provide                                                                             What You Provide

For a traditional 5K/10K, the flat fee is $450 for up to 200 registered participants. At 201, the rate is increased by $2 per registered runner.

Travel cost is .40 cents per mile for events outside of Weakley Co. Tennessee

For events longer than 10K, we add a non-traditional fee of $200 due to the increase in time. (EX: half-marathon, marathon, or more than one race timed at the same time)

​Depending on your race location, overnight lodging would need to be provided (often a local hotel will comp a room as a donation to your event)

Manual Timing Option - For smaller races on a budget, we offer manual BIB timing. Professional service without the RFID Shoe Tags, Port Reader, or Antennas. BIB numbers are entered into the computers software program and times are manually registered by hitting the spacebar (or hand held plunger) as participants cross the finish line. Computerized results are printed by age and gender. LED Clock, and finish line chute are also available. Cost: $325

       Cost                                                             Fundraising Ideas

The race director should provide these items:

1. Four or five volunteers

2. Electrical power within 200 feet of finish line

3. An excel spreadsheet of pre-registered participants

    (or access to the run signup web site)

​4. Mile markers and water stations

The following services are provided:

1. Uploading pre-registered participants the day before the race

2. Day of race registration

3. Finish Line setup, Chute with cones and barrier, canopy tent

4. RFID Timing system with 4 antennas, shoe tags, and port reader

5. LED display time clock showing participants name and place

6. Computerized results printed out by age and gender

7. Manual back-up timing to ensure results

8. Event results posted to this website

8. Race Bibs 

9. Safety Pins